Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Photo Challenge - Catching Up!

What is it about starting anything new and trying to make it a habit...and then falling off the bandwagon in the first week? I don't think it matters in the end IF you pick yourself up and keep going. With the photo challenge, my theory is that the self-portrait prompt for day 10 freaked me out. Which is ridiculous, especially since I found myself one week before that nodding in agreement to Tip #34 from Everyday Treats about getting over yourself and not hiding from the camera!

So I am getting over myself and offering up days 9 - 14:

Day 9 - Front Door

Day 10 - Self Portrait
This is me, getting over myself.
Day 11 - Makes Me Happy
Day 12 - Inside Your Closet
I don't even have that many shoes - they just never get put away it seems.

Day 13 - Blue
 Day 14 - Heart
Courtesy of K, who never met an embellishment she didn't love

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