Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Look how far you've come...

I'm a process and progress person. I like the doing as much as the finishing, sometimes more. Rows of even stitches, one foot in front of the other to cover mile after mile. Being in the middle, on the journey, is when you can see how far you've come and still have the sweetness of finishing to look forward to.

My daughter is almost 8. A fascinating age. When you can do so much, yet still can't do everything you can imagine or want to do. She's a perfectionist too - a terrible combination. A number of years ago I started to try to remind her when she got frustrated at something to remember the first time she tried it and how much easier it was now, even if it wasn't as perfect as she wanted. At times I thought it went over her head. But she'll surprise me now with a passing comment - "Remember when I couldn't do a cartwheel Mom? It's easy now." And I think being able to see herself that way will serve her well.

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